My K-9's Mind

About Holly

Hello! As a child I had a passion for solving many problems that prevent people from keeping a dog:

-Noisy, barking
-Eating food off the table
-Destructive chewing
-Peeing in the house
-Running away

I was inspired to find solutions to these problems and thus began the journey in to dog training.  I was certain that not only could I train dogs, but I could also work with dog owners so that they could better understand, communicate, and love their pets.

After the events of 9/11, I began my life - long passion of training dogs professionally. Opportunities opened for me to help work in private and group settings.  My fervent wish to “help dogs and their people” has lead me to provide services for various Search And Rescue groups, perform therapy dog work in several facilities, and to train dogs to be emotional service dogs and to serve the hearing impaired.  I hope that you will choose to join me, whether it is to make a difference in the dog and human community, or to help you turn your home from chaos to a place of peace.

Experience and Advanced Training:

  • ​Private, in-home and around-town, dog training
  • Dog behavior and relationships with all family members. including other pets in the house
  • Service dog training
  • OES type I & II, urban & wilderness
  • Search and rescue, cadaver, tracking, trailing, scent, repelling, and helicopter training
  • AKC CGC Evaluator
  • Therapy dog training
  • Public presentations and lectures
  • Training dogs to help the hearing impaired
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