Me and my black lab, Captain, got in a really bad car accident. The air bags saved our lives, but my truck was totaled. Captain would not get in the new truck with me after the accident. It broke my heart because he is my best friend and we always go everywhere together. Cam, from California Groomin’, told me to call Holly at My K-9’s Mind Dog Training. After just six visits, I have my dog back! He is back to going places with me. Thank you Holly! I can tell that you love your job and you are good at what you do.

~ Jerry B.


We want to thank you for all you have shown us. Josie is a much better dog because of our work with you. Just this morning, Gary and Josie went out for a walk. They walked past the fenced dogs where the ruckus always happens. Gary got right on it with the “leave it” command, and she stopped and came right to him...It was his first time, and he couldn't wait to tell me. We are very pleased with walking on a short leash. We really never thought that would happen. She is a happier dog then before, which makes us happier.....Thank you.

~ Morgan J.


Holly, owner extraordinaire, of My K-9's Mind, is an expert dog trainer.  Our spoiled, chocolate colored Labrador (Cafe) is a stubborn pet especially taking commands.  In fact, within minutes of Holly gently handling him and (me), both of us were performing basic commands rather well.  I highly recommend investing in dog training and truly feel that Holly is the perfect person for that feat.  Her fees are reasonable and her schedule is flexible.

~ Martha G. Gonzales


Holly was very accommodating and helpful! She responded to my inquiry email within a few hours and was able to squeeze us in for two sessions over the holidays due to our time sensitive situation. She's very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful. I wish I lived here so that my dogs and I could continue to work with her!

~ Athena Y.


We recently adopted a 4 month-old Lab-Shepherd, Lily,  from AFRP and wanted one-on-one training for her.  Holly, the owner of My K-9's Mind Dog Training, is fantastic!

She is great with dogs, great with people, and amazing with people & their dogs. She came to our house and we worked inside with Lily. When Lily was doing well, training was moved outside. My wife and Lily also went on a couple hikes with Holly and her dog for additional training.  She coins it reverse search and rescue training. Lily never leaves our side! She is doing so well and so are we!

She also does group classes, search and rescue games as well as some other unique services. If you're in the Salinas or 68 Corridor area I recommend giving her a call.

~ Robert T.

(Yelp) 4/20/13

Holly, Sofie came and got my mom when Ken fell outside on the other side of the gate. Ken told her to, "go get Diane".  Sophie went back and forth from the gate to the inside of the house and brought my mom to Ken. She saved his life!

~ Amber S.


Owner Testimonials

My K-9's Mind

I was recommended to Holly by a good friend of mine. My 6 month old terrier, poodle, pug, something had completed basic obedience and I wanted to see if he is a good fit for a therapy dog. Holly came to my house, assessed him, and created a plan for him. We worked on off, leave it, stand, mat and up. She also helped with housebreaking. What I appreciate about her most is that her methods are gentle and she understands what will motivate my dog. We did some work in the house and outside, and then moved to PetSmart to challenge him to ignore all the good food smells (have I mentioned that my dog is very food motivated?) and things on the floor. We walked him near moving carts and other pets and people..... I am very pleased with the progress my dog has made and will be signing up for more training with Holly. I recommend her highly!! 

~ Liz C. 


Hi Holly! Random text here: but last night when I let Turk outside, a possum was in our backyard. There was a lot of yelping and an initial chase as he tried to “get in a fight” but I yelled, “Turk, leave it!!!” And he left it and came to me and sat down. Proud dog mom moment !! Thank you Holly ❤️

~Turk's Owner 


Holly is a great trainer! Me and my Golden-doodle Bogey have been using Holly for over 3 months now! (I keep adding sessions because I enjoy it) I love the flexibility of the one on one training sessions. Holly is very personable, like a friend is coming over, & my Bogey gets sooo excited when she comes! I am a confident dog owner because of my training with Holly. As an owner I know what to do in most situations with Bogey. I love that we can go hiking off leash (Holly will even meet you hiking as part of your training) I have recommended Holly to many of my friends and will continue to do so. Now if she could just help me train my kids. :)

~ Amanda C.


Hi Holly! We took Django to the vet today because it has been one month since we rescued him from the spca. Pretty crazy, the receptionist recognized him! She said he was crazy when he came in before. I mentioned to her that we now have brought you in to help with him and she said you can totally tell he seems like a new dog!! It was so good to hear! Just the few weeks of training have definitely made an impact on him, it was great hearing it from someone who knew him in the past!

~Kelsey S. 9/5/19