My K-9's Mind

Holly enjoys taking what she has learned in SAR groups and turning it into fun games for you and your dog. This includes things like training the nose to find hidden people in the woods, scent alert and discrimination games, and basic agility tricks to send your dog through desired courses.

​​​This is Sunny alerting his owner whenever the owner's name is called. Even in a very public setting, Sunny still alerts his owner when he hears her name!

​"you can tell Holly loves her work. And Sunny loves to please"

Diane G.

"​My daughter and Ziggy took private lessons with Holly. I loved how she came to our house and gave us one on one private lessons. Ziggy now services my daughter and our life has changed. Holly was such a great dog trainer. I would highly recommend her! You get your money's worth."
-Christina G.

These individualized six or more sessions are tailored to your special needs. I will consult with you about your lifestyle and evaluate your dog to determine the appropriate course of training.  These sessions can be held at your home and/or places of your choice to facilitate overall and specialized behavior training.  We will go from your home, into your neighborhood, and around areas that you will see yourself wanting to go with your dog.  After evaluation of you, your dog, and your family, I may make some suggestions and implement ideas for your personal life applications.  With your participation, you can expect a well - behaved dog with peace and harmony in your home.
Prices and times vary. Contact Holly!

Training a Dog for the Hearing Impaired

Private/Custom Sessions

Training for a Thanksgiving Commercial

​​​Sofie has been trained to alert her owner when someone calls her on the phone, knocks at the door, and when someone calls her name. She can now be considered a service dog for both her hearing impaired owner and for her co-owner. We trained her to only work for her owner, but Sophie had other ideas...

"Sofie came and got my mom when Ken fell outside on the other side of the gate. Ken told her to, 'Go get Diane'.  Sophie went back and forth from the gate to the inside of the house and brought my mom to Ken. She saved his life." 

-Amber S.

This is Ziggy alerting when her hearing impaired owner's name is called by two different people.

Search and Rescue Games

Lola came to us with some anxiety, and is now enjoying doing some fun tricks even with the distractions of every day life.